The Nook | Volume 2


Remember how I showed you some pictures of my uni studio nook a few months back? Well, it has changed slightly...


It now has an armchair, one of my bright orange dining chairs, two lamps, shelves and storage, a printer, a rug (which for some reason I didn't flatten out prior to these photos!), a typewriter, lots of mess - and one of the ladies I share the studio with brought in a kettle and there's Milo, tea and coffee and biscuits (when I haven't eaten them all in a burst of hungry at 5pm). The gallery director even installed some lighting for me which helps a little now that the sun goes down around 5pm.

Above are some things I've been working on lately. At the end of the semester I might tell you a bit about them.

After a discussion with my friend Nicole in which she told me she thought Theo looked like a Kewpie doll, I arrived at uni the following day to find this drawing on my desk. Nicole is an incredibly talented artist. I think I'll have to frame this little picture for Theo's room.


The other girls who I share the studio with and I are forever distracting each other and chatting endlessly. People come and sit in my big armchair from time to time too - a lovely friend even feeds her baby in it occasionally (Hi Brenda!). I like that it's a space that invites people in and I enjoy the company. That being said, I do have to become pretty focused when I want to get work done in here because my studio is visible from the 'street' part of the uni, so people are always popping in to say hello. I get a lot of work done when I stick around here after just about everyone has gone home. I like to listen to Spotify and lay my collage materials out on the rug and sit and cut and paste. After dark the lighting is not great, but I'm managing to make do. I'll be in this space until the end of the year and I'm feeling kind of sad I'll have to pack it up after that. It would be nice to do honours after this (then I get a studio too), but I don't know if I'll have the time to. One day! Otherwise, maybe I'll turn our boat shed into my own personal studio.

PS. I did a little guest post over at Mary's blog if you'd like to check it out - I answered some of her fun questions.