Just A Minute | In August

...forever late.

@isisstpierre made a delicious donut shaped cake for our crafternoon
My friend Holly and I went to our friend Isis's house for a crafternoon, but instead we ate this fantastic cake, drank chai, watched Isis make a basket and chatted.

I drew some hats while I watched Midsomer Murders with my grandma.
I drew a picture of some hats while I watched Midsomer Murders with my grandma.

Nutella hot chocolate at Inside (hope we can have one next week @hollyleonardson)
I devoured a delicious Nutella hot chocolate at Inside Cafe.

Ventured out from the sick house to buy a little old radio cabinet (now a regular cabinet) for our bathroom.
I've been searching high and low for a nice little cupboard to go in our bathroom to hold toilet paper and toiletries and things and I found this lovely little old radio cabinet converted into a cupboard. Perfect! My bathroom is actually one of my favourite rooms, I love the wood and the blue walls.

Really liked this idea at The Emporium (part of Renew Newcastle wonderfulness)
I spotted this in Newcastle and really loved the idea.

The many faces of the bearded breakfast baby #babyjagoe
We all knew how it would end #babyjagoe
Hmpf! #babyjagoe
Theodore was full of cheek.

When you can't justify buying wrapping paper, brown paper and paint will do the trick (although my sister did say "why did you put so much effort into something I have to throw away?!")
I decorated some presents to give to my sister and mum. My sister said "Why did you put so much time and effort into something I have to throw away?!".

Sick boy, tired mum #babyjagoe
Theo got REALLY sick last week (maybe bronchiolitis?) and we had to go to the ER. We did well to make it to almost 15 months without him being sick, but this one really made up for it.

Some of my sister @sarahjagoe's books I've picked out to steal/borrow/buy myself one day.
I admired my sister's amazing books. This pile was just some of the ones I wanted to sneak into my suitcase.

@isisstpierre/The Rogue Tailor hanging out on The Examiner.
I spotted my friend Isis in the local newspaper.

My piano arrived!
I bought a piano!

Listening | This American Life (it's my favourite radio show). You should especially listen to this episode, it is totally engrossing.
Reading | Womankind, An Excuse to Draw by Tommy Kane and Meanwhile In San Francisco by Wendy MacNaughton (both of which I bought for my sister).
Watching | True Blood, The Strain (basically terrible but I keep watching), The Recruit... not much!
Making | I've been working on some really lovely commissions. I feel so privileged that people ask me to make me things and that they like what I do. If only I had the time to work on them all the time!
Consuming | Soy mochas.
Visiting | NSW to see my family and attend my sister's birthday party. It was a good time and I miss all of my family very much. Also, Hobart to attend a protest.
Coveting | Fitness.
Purchasing | A piano! You know how I've wanted one forever? I have one now! It's lovely and old and beaten up but holds a tune wonderfully and I am so enjoying mucking around on it. Also, semi related, I bought tickets to see Ben Folds with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in December! Literally a childhood dream come true (Ben Folds was one of the first musicians I can remember loving as a child). I also bought a (well and truly overpriced) Filofax which I am really enjoying using (and downloading fun printable things for).
Looking forward to | Making headway with my uni project, I've changed around what I'm working on and I really need to make some headway on it soon. Possibly starting

This past month I've had really debilitating anxiety just about all of the time. I don't really know why and my usual techniques for dealing with it aren't really doing much for me (trying to be mindful, taking deep breaths, thought replacement, relaxation, etc). I used to be really anxious but it has subsided over the past few years. I guess these things sneak up on you sometimes. I see a really wonderful counsellor at an excellent free service called Headspace. Hopefully I'll be able to make some changes to help my anxiety.

Ps. I got a few more copies of my zine printed and you can have 10% off if you use the code 'LITTLESPOON10' at checkout. I received the most beautiful review recently on my Etsy recently:
I cannot say enough about this zine in this tiny tiny review space. The practical things first: the zine is well-produced, and shipped on time in a beautifully-decorated envelope that even delighted the post man. The important stuff: 'Paint it Black' is a beautiful meditation on memory, childhood, nostalgia, wonderment and loss. I am reminded of the Portuguese word 'saudade', an intense, almost inexplicable longing for what has been and will never be again. Here, it is for a place, a time, a person, but wrapped in joy, too-- joy in the remembering, expressed in the beautifully bright, sharp drawings. The work possesses a hyperreality that suits the way in which we remember our most treasured childhood memories. I'm so glad I bought this zine.