Paint It Black


Back in 2014 I made a zine about my dad called 'Paint It Black' as part of my Contemporary Art degree final year's work. I had it printed in colour and sold a bunch of copies. It was a nice experience to share it and I had a lot of people email me after reading it, sharing their own memories and grief. When I first started the process I sat down in my studio at uni and tried to think of as many things as I could remember from that period on post it notes and I stuck them all on a wall. I wrote a little about the process of making it back in this post

I've long since stopped printing it, as it was expensive to produce and my favourite print shop (vale UTAS UNIPRINT) closed up shop. I can't even find the original files as I think they've long since been lost on a broken external hard drive, but I was able to save the images from a pdf I'd emailed my printer years ago. I think I've got one single hard copy floating around somewhere that I gave my boyfriend when we first met. 

Anyway, I thought I'd just share it here in it's entirety, if anyone wants to have a read. I look the drawings and writing now and think they seem really naive and it could all do with a good edit, but I am happy to share it for posterity's sake.