Wallpaper | Clare Bowditch Quote

I made a little desktop wallpaper based on a favourite quote I drew in my sketchbook. I've made it to fit a couple of sizes if you'd like to use it. I've just started my honours degree at uni and managed to take my graphics tablet pen to uni so I couldn't use it at home, so I had to use my trusty track pad for the editing which was an exercise in tedium! (If only I wasn't impatient and could wait until tomorrow to retrieve the pen) :P

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Free Printable | Colourful Card + Envelope

Goodnight Little Spoon Free Printable

Today I thought I'd take a break from uni work (one month to go!) and I played around with a fun little commission (drawing Clonettes!) and I made this free card and envelope set for you to download and print. I painted all of the elements in my sketchbook with gouache and watercolour and then scanned them and fiddled around with them.

I had them printed at Officeworks onto matte card, though my home printer did some very acceptable prints too. Just make sure that when you're printing the images, neither image gets resized/scaled down in the printing settings (or you can print them smaller if you like by setting the scale to say, 75% on both images). Enjoy!

+ You can download the card here and download the envelope here.

Goodnight Little Spoon Free Printable
Goodnight Little Spoon Free Printable

+ You can download and print my other free printables here.
+ For personal use only. Please do not modify or upload the original files elsewhere.

Goodnight Little Spoon Free Printable
Goodnight Little Spoon Free Printable

Freebie | Ephemera


I've been wanting to scan some ephemera for my own use in Photoshop and thought I'd share some of my scans. I hope you can find a use for some of these bits!


For use in Photoshop, the files are in high quality (and pretty large) .tif format and each ephemera item is in an individual layer - download each image here. Alternatively, you can access the lower quality .jpgs by clicking on each image above.

N.B. The copyright information attached to some items can be a bit sketchy or hard to find - no breach of copyright is intended - exercise your own discretion when using - only for non commercial use.

Printable | Vintage Valentines


I collected about a hundred vintage Valentine cards last year to use for our save the date cards for our wedding, but I never ended up using them (they were too good to send away!). I love all of the cute puns and old timey graphics - and a lot of them came with sweet handwritten notes on the back, dated from the fifties from school children to their friends. I scanned a bunch of them and you're welcome to use them as you please - print them out onto some card stock and give them to a couple of people who deserve a sweet Valentine! Click on each image to view size options for downloading/printing. Now, allow me to bombard you with Valentines!

Vintage Valentines
Vintage Valentines

Vintage Valentines

Vintage Valentines

Got a favourite? I like the lady painting a picture.
Ps. You can view all of the downloadable/printable things I've shared here if you're ever keen.