Spaces | My Brother's Studio

While I was in Newcastle with Theo we spent some time hanging out with my older brother Luke. He is an artist and works in childcare and was recently able to set up a sweet little studio just off Newcastle Mall in Wolfe Studios as part of the Renew Newcastle project - he calls it Tiny Boat Productions. While I was there checking it out I took some quick snapshots.

It has been a total joy to watch my brother's progression as an artist over the past few years - he seems so much more fulfilled, motivated and energetic. He drew a lot as a kid, but then took a decade or two off. Him picking the pencil back up has been wonderful to watch. His talents are many; he is an incredible musician, a really fun, playful dad to my niece Rose and in recent times he has self published two little children's books (which you can click through here), made a really moving animation about asylum seeker children in detention in Australia, had two really successful exhibitions and facilitated lots of art workshops and creative storytelling. If you've ever been to Newcastle, you've probably seen some of his little paste-ups which appear in numerous places around the city. 

His space is full of imaginative pen sketches (of moons, owls, funny little men, rocket ships, animals, monsters, robots and hot air balloons), art supplies, musical instruments, paper cut outs, stories, books and cute little plants on the windowsills.

Seeing my brother's creative space was really inspiring and has spurred me on a little to look for a studio space outside of home and to think more seriously about my vocation.