Theodore | Turns Two

Theo and I recently went away for ten days to visit family in NSW and Victoria and while we were in Newcastle, I threw a little park picnic birthday party for Theo. A nice bunch of our friends and family attended. It was Theo's first real time eating junk food and he sampled each jelly snake and salty ridged chip with delight and reckless abandon.

Below is the little digital invitation I illustrated for the occasion.


I took a couple of photos on the day, just with my iPhone, but my sister, sister-in-law and Aunt also sent me a few photos that they took, so please excuse the varied quality of these shots!

I bought a dozen fantastic cupcakes from Cupcake Espresso for the party and despite Theo being fascinated watching the cupcakes being made through the glass window inside the shop and delighting in getting to choose each of the twelve cupcakes that were placed into the box, he did not care for the taste of the cupcakes whatsoever. Everyone was poised to capture photographs of him stuffing his face, but he ran off to play on the grass instead. And, he refused point blank to wear a party hat. Oh well, haha. 

The amazing balloon monkey pictured above was created by a rogue balloon artist named Michael AhMazing who approached us and asked if he could gatecrash the party as he'd just moved to Newcastle and was looking to get his skills known in the local area. Of course, we couldn't refuse and he didn't disappoint! 

It was fun to spend time with our interstate family and friends. Theo and I got a terrible flu while we were away and I lost my voice for the second half of our trip (this seems to happen to me in Winter every year). Theo wasn't really himself while we were away and had lots of tantrums and meltdowns, which are usually very rare for him. I think the travel took it out of both of us. I am happy to be home and back to my creature comforts (despite it being sub zero most nights/mornings lately!). Some of my highlights from time away included attending the Other Worlds Zine Fair, spending time with my beautiful half sister in Melbourne and her two sweet boys (Theo and Connor are two months apart and were inseparable) and seeing Morrissey at the Sydney Opera House in the second row, center with my friend Ash for free!

Any glimpses of Theo looking like a baby these days are quickly disappearing, it is of course bittersweet! He is two! He's a real boy! Wow. It's such a good time being his mother.