Two (Relatively Insignificant) Doors

Today I have told myself that I have to make a choice about what I am doing next semester.

Currently, I am enrolled in a BA at two different universities. I need to decide to do either:

- Uni by distance/correspondence for a semester with UTAS, where my choices of courses are more limited, but I would have more time off and self directed learning.


- Going back to Newcastle and doing the subjects I've already enrolled in.

My results from last semester weren't glorious, considering I didn't submit the final essay for my favourite subject and failed that class, and only got credits in my other two subjects, for the most part I hated going to uni (though I enjoyed the classes) and it made me anxious, and I don't want to waste time and money doing subjects that I'm not enjoying or interested in and might fail. I know I have a lot of time on my hands to find what I want to be doing, and that is bound to change several times before I end up anywhere permanent, but I hate wasting time and I know I'll look back on this period and wish I'd just got my shit together and done what I wanted to.

I have to check that my Equity Scholarship can be transferred should I choose UTAS. Both the websites are open in tabs and I can easily defer for a semester from Newcastle in a couple of clicks, and in two days I can enroll in my UTAS subjects, or I can defer or reject my offer from UTAS and I don't have to do anything else. The UTAS semester has already started, so I'd have a bit to catch up on.

Basically, when I think about what I'd really like to be doing, it revolves around the internet, graphic and webdesign and some art, and later in life some teaching.

I know this is awfully boring and irrelevent to you, but it's causing me some worry and it's kind of good to get it down.

I feel like the best thing is to try new things, and distance may be interesting or more difficult, or hard to be bothered doing, but I might be an interesting move from what I've been doing previously.