Eyes Open

^ this set by jonas peterson

Things that aren't so awesome:
- Having conjunctivitis, not being able to keep my eyes open and pulling out my eyelashes
- Going to bed late, and waking up early to sit and wait for registrations to open up, repeatedly refreshing the page, with a bad internet connection adding some additional drama
- Not being able to go back to sleep yet because my other registrations open at 12.
- Uni starts back in less than two weeks
- Biting your nails til it hurts
- Being sick for a fortnight

Things that are kind of awesome:
- Getting all of the times I wanted for my subjects (fingers crossed for the last one), so instead of spreading out my week practically, I have a packed 9-5, 3-day uni week, YAY.
- C is half asleep and snoring and cute and says we should get up at this time more often and go for walks (I told him he was the devil)
- Watching C's cat and our housemate's kitten play in the kitchen last night with a pistachio shell
- Very red hair, using natural stuff

I'm actually in a pretty good mood this morning.
I would like to start my days earlier, post midday wake-ups aren't good for anything.