Numero Uno

Well hello,
Today Blogspot and I mended our differences.
This will be my new permanent blogging residence.
I look forward to filling it's blank pages with the mundanities of my life, as I am part of the generation that feels it is a requirement of existence that we compulsively document and share every detail.
Today I posted three postcards to people I don't know in Finland, Poland and the US as part of this wonderful little website called Post Crossing, which I will probably mention again (and again) in further detail.
I am also very sick, so I am doing very little besides coughing up my lungs and sniffing and being asked repeatedly by my boyfriend (who is also sick) "Is there anything you'd like?".
Anyhow, welcome to my new abode. Do leave comments, nice ones, or otherwise. It is likely that, to make myself feel more at home, I will repost previous bits and pieces from my other corners of the web. Old blogs are here. Sorry, I am annoying. Enjoy.
See you later ;)