I just made six postcards for Postcrossing. My arms and hands are sore. I think I'm obsessed.
They're being sent off to the US, Latvia, Finland, Brazil, Russia and Germany.
Considering that this, all up, will cost me $9, I may have to wait until Friday, when I get paid to post them. It feels a little schizophrenic writing all of these one minute postcards. Writing to one or two people, that you know, is so much easier. It's so hard to know what to write to somebody you don't know in about a hundred words on the back of a postcard, knowing that it's likely they won't write back and you barely know anything about them. If there's mail in my letterbox tomorrow it will all be worth it. Eh, it will all be worth it anyway.
As I was browsing the international postage rates and rules on the Australia Post website, I found it quite interesting that in it's list of things that are prohibited to be posted to the US (it includes things like food products, lottery tickets, pharmaceutical products, etc) it prohibits 'chain letters'. I was like, wow. I mean those things are usually pretty annoying, but prohibit them?
Today I had a half hour walk with Zoe and Doug. We stopped at a bookshop on Beaumont Street and Doug bought a homoerotic comic book with a huge advertisement for acne medication on the back. Zoe bought ice cream and I bought a samosa, then Doug helped me carry home this bright purple bed head/shelf thing we found on the side of the road and when I got home I moved around the lounge room and filled it with all of C's dvds and stacked up some of his (hundreds of) cd's. Looks sweet.
I am sleeeeeeeeepy.