^ some lovely photos of me looking into the sun.

Today C was happy due to some monetary bliss, so he purchased a netbook on the interwebs, and then we headed out to Westfield to browse the wares at JB Hi-Fi.

I finally took my ridiculous stupid Hiptop back to Telstra for them to repair. I've had it for 10 months, 9 of which the speakers have been blown (imagine never being able to hear your phone ring or get a message, ever) and in the past three months the track ball (how you navigate everywhere) hasn't been working so well. They gave me a temp phone and sent my crappy phone away to be assessed. Apparently if they find that the problem is my fault they'll charge me $50. Fuck you Telstra. I don't know why I have this stupid phone, I wish somebody would take over my contract for me. It's the worst piece of technology ever invented and I still have another 16 months of the 24 month plan to go. Yayyy. Having this temp phone has made me realise that I basically only use my 'Hiptop' for looking up bus timetables, getting notifications from Facebook and very occasionally browsing the internet while I'm in a public place. I need to get rid of this thing, at little expense to myself. Sadly, to do so, I will have to pay out the contract. I'd like to hand it over to my sister, but my mum isn't so keen on the idea.

Back to JB, C and I made our second joint purchase together and bought a printer/scanner/copier, so now all of my dreams are going to come true. So far I have worked out how to print really good photos, print onto dvds and scan things onto my computer. It's wonderful. However, unrelatedly, I am a retard, and I don't know how to rip, convert, compress and burn dvds on a Mac. I have like a million and one programs to do the things, but I just can't make them work together. I'm going to have to call my friend Laura (part of the Mac alliance) and make her give me a step by step tutorial on how to do stuff.

This week I would like Skimo and Manneh to visit me, and I'd like to get lots of mail.

Today I made the grim discovery that my existing Equity Scholarship is nontransferrable to UTAS and scholarships closed long ago for BA's at UTAS, so choosing uni there will mean no $1100 lump sum for me, and therefore, as I am money-grubbing, I will probably choose to recommence study at Newcastle (next week). I use a lot of commas and arrange my sentences badly.

My back and neck hurt.

Because I am up late flipping through webpages of things I can't have, here are some pretty things from ModCloth, that, if I had a lot of money and knew how to buy things online well, I might own:


Sorry this post was so lame :)