Today I:
+ Sat outside and read Perfume by Patrick Suskind in the sun and watched the cats (that book is like a sensory explosion, every ten seconds I'm sniffing around trying to smell things in the air, imagining what scents would look or sound like, etc).
+ Felt really ill, so C went to check out a rental, which seems promising, and he bought me home chocolate and 2 pretty hair clips among other things.
+ Had Manneh ('The Villain' as my mum calls him) over, we watched The Mighty Boosh and C made us food and then we sent him to ride the long way home on a rickety old Pokemon 'roller-board'.
+ Got my first Postcrossing postcard (from Brussels), and another from a different post-related website of a huge smiling mouth that says "Smile, While You Still Have Teeth". Wasn't sure what to make of it.
+ Decided to forget about the money/scholarship and going back to Newcastle Uni this semester, and choose UTAS for uni after all. I'd like to try it out at least. Money is just money, and I'm sure I can go another 6 months without a camera, or I could find a job, like a normal person? Wtf.
+ Applied for jobs with Australia Post :D It is pretty much my dream to work in the mail sorting room.
+ Discovered that my blog won't allow me to do the old '& hearts ;' style love heart. How disappointing. I must rectify this, the & hearts ; is a very important typographic character.

+ This shirt reminds me of C and I:

^ from Toddland (I had to trawl the internet to find where this was from)

+ I'm pretty sure I can't live without these bumper stickers:

^ via Rebel Art

+ I thought this was pretty clever (and I love anything font related):

^ Matt Robinson:Measuring Type”: Robinson selected a number of the most commonly-used typefaces and, using the same point size for each one, drew them on the wall with a ballpoint pen, “allowing the remaining ink levels to display the ink efficiency of each typeface. (The same guy who was a part of the HP Invent printer video)

+ Also came across this music project called In B Flat (bandwidth heavy), wherein this guy (Darren Solomon from Science For Girls) collected a whole lot of Youtube videos of people playing in B flat and you basically click them individually and make one, some or all of them play at the same time. Pretty neat, very interesting sounds.

+ I thought these 'sun prints' were cute and I've been trying to do it for a few days but my paper keeps blowing away!:

^ sun prints from via.

I never knew I could make my own chalk:

^ recipe via.

+ This clock speaks for itself:

^ from Kibardin Design.

PS. Stop lurking my blog, Manneh :P