Design your own converse:
I've only ever had second hand pairs of (ebay) converse and I feel a little unsure about the Nike owned company and it's business practices (as well as the super duper trendiness of the shooz in question), but I discovered today that you
can design your own pair online and buy them and they'll make them for you. Sadly they don't ship overseas, but I'm sure I could get somebody in the states to help me out. Here are two pairs I whipped up. Cute huh?

My sister is coming to stay tomorrow, should be sweet. I'm certain I haven't seen her in at least four or five months. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm going to go tidy up the house a bit soon (I am aware that it is 12am). I have had a killer headache and a swollen jaw today so things weren't so fun. C's cute little Netbook/Eebook arrived and he's been exploring it. I got another Postcrossing postcard today, this time from Finland, and I got one on Monday from Brussels:

I had a nice chat to my mum earlier, who is bed-ridden and nobody is taking care of her. If my sister wasn't coming to stay I'd make C come with me to Stroud for a few days to take care of her. Poor Mum. My mum has a Facebook and was commenting on all of my stuff today, it was funny.

Going to tidy up and shower and snooooooooze :)