Automatic Soul

I'm basically using this blog to post about all of the mail I send and receive and my boring day-to-day life, I'll do something better with it one day soon, ha.

Today I got two postcards (one from Malaysia, one from the Netherlands);

and a cute little mail-tag package from Paige;

I tried scanning the contents and making an awesome collage with them, but the only image editing software I have is The Gimp, and it's not always so user friendly. Anyway, it contained the following ('apr' stands for as per request);

A letter
A list of pets she has had and their names (apr)
A list of famous people she would be friends with if she could (apr)
A tatoo design she'd like on her arm (apr)
A list of professions she'd like to try (apr)
A piece of cardboard.
A small toy dinosaur.
A packet of candy 'Magic Dust' (apr)
Two buttons.
A list of requests for me.

I've already made a return envelope, but I can't post it here until I send it in case she sees, ha.

In other post-related news, I made an envelope and started a letter to The Missive Maven (I'll post it here once she receives it) and I decorated this 'cd box' I got from Aldi, for my sister (we also play mail-tag);

It is currently epically windy, thunderous and raining, so I'm looking forward to a stormy night in.

Also, I love this;

World Science Festival 2009: Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale from World Science Festival on Vimeo.