Mix; Lately

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Matt Caplin

No real theme here, just some songs I've been listening to.

01: THE AVETT BROTHERS - The Ballad of Love and Hate
02: YEASAYER - Tightrope
03: BAT FOR LASHES - Bat's Mouth
04: BON IVER - Blood Bank
05: FEIST & BEN GIBBARD - Train Song
07: GRIZZLY BEAR - Two Weeks
08: SUFJAN STEVENS - You Are The Blood
09: IRON & WINE - Belated Promise Ring
10: THE FRAMES - The Blood
11: MÙM - Guilty Rocks
12: DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE - Bixby Canyon Bridge
13: BADLY DRAWN BOY - Pissing In The Wind
14: WHY? - Simeon's Dilemma


PS. The word 'blood' recurring in the title of 3 songs is unintentional, ha.

I used to make some 'mix-tapes' on my Livejournal account, and as I have been listening to some sweet music of late, I thought I'd cross post and put one up. There's a lovely little Livejournal community I post to sometimes called Mixshare, where I've found a whole heap of good music.
C brought home two awesome albums a few weeks ago which I can't stop listening to; Go Go Smear The Poison Ivy by Múm and Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear. Get yo' hands on some.
My tail bone is REALLY sore. I have had a recurring abscess on my spine for about three years, which comes and goes in varying pain-filled visits. I basically just have to let it fix itself up. Ouuuuuch.
I went to pick up my fixed phone today and now it has sound, which is just wonderful. Now I can be one of those people who has siiiiick ringtones and message tones and all my keys beep when I touch them.
C and I went out with a couple we're friends with earlier tonight to watch an ice hockey game. If you've never been, it's probably exactly what you imagine it to be like, as it was to me - very American and very aggressive, players and fans alike. I kept thinking of Mighty Ducks and C kept asking 'which one is Wayne Gretzky?'. Everyime the ball (puck?) wasn't in play the latest top 40 music blared above us in 7 second spurts (a different song every time). Apparently we don't have an attention span long enough to withstand the 7 second breaks when the puck isn't moving. I imagine that would be really frustrating for the players. Maybe not. C was more interested watching the ice resurfacing machine which came out in the breaks between halves, it was pretty cool. Bridie, Chris, C and I entertained ourselves towards the end by trying to guess the nationality of the world flags that hung down from the roof. World flags are always interesting. We got into the game eventually, and the home team, the Newcastle "Northstars", beat the other team, the Adelaide "Adrenaline", 5-3. I probably won't go again, but I enjoyed it. On the way out we saw this poster that said "Have you ever considered playing Broomball?" with a picture of kids on ice skates carrying a stick with what looked like a claw shaped thing on the end, with a ball in it. I pretty much love broomball now. According to the Wikipedia article about it, it's just field hockey on ice, but I think it's much more than that. I wonder if they first used brooms to play it? Have you ever considered playing broomball? Now I have.
C is carrying in things from the shed to the spare room and cleaning things and I feel lazy, heh. I should go help.

^ retro Broomball with BROOMS!