• I came across this gorgeous little paper goods website called Papermash, run by Lynne from Tea For Joy, and as the shop has just opened she is holding a competition where you could win a years worth of stationery. Obviously, this is totally up my alley. I'm so on that. Here are some of my favourite things from her little shoppe:

    1. Lace tape 2. Paris Polaroid postcards 3. Library birthday card

  • Imgfave is a picture sharing website like Ffffound, minus the invite only policy. Very interesting browsing.

  • Cute girls in glasses.

  • As you're probably aware, director John Hughes (The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Home Alone) sadly passed away this week. My friend Paige sent me the link to the website of a movie made recently called "Don't You Forget About Me" and I'm really interested to see what it's like.

  • I thought this was interesting (found here);

  • Poster pocket plants;

  • This skirt made my day - Sherwood Forest Mini Skirt by Paul Smith. If only money grew on trees like the ones on this skirt;

  • Here's a improbable hypothetical outfit I made at Polyvore that I thought I'd share, woo leggings and cardigans;

  • This set depicting characters from Roald Dahl novels brought back some memories;

    ^ George's Marvelous Medicine.

  • This is a photo of my friend Skye, taken by my friend Benjamin Fraser McKenzie (who you might possibly recall from Australian Idol?). I think it's really beautiful. His photos are gorgeous;

  • I've seen this on a few blogs lately, but I thought I'd post it here. An interesting exercise in consistency;

  • I thought these business cards for Glammer Eductation Institute of Hair Design were clever (via YOU MIGHT FIND YOURSELF);

  • Oh my god, I NEED this block of post-its!

  • This Melbourne woman makes the most amazing shoes;

  • I like Leafcutter Design's 'World's Smallest Postal Service".

  • This chalkboard/calendar is wonderful (via Tea For Joy)

  • Strange Maps, cute;

Today C, our friend 'T-Bone' and I went to see the Newcastle Jets play the Wellington Pheonix. Overall it was a really good game. We won, which is always a nice extra. Afterwards we got takeaway (my favourite laksa) and went to Film Society, where we saw a French/Lebanese film called 'Caramel' which was subtle, but it had some really moving moments, I liked it.

Now I'm gonna drink some tea and relax :) C has become obsessed with this game called Frozen Bubble and I think it's driving him crazy, quite literally. His eyes have almost turned into the little Frozen Bubble balls.

Mini list for the week:
Look for jobs for Centrelink (I do actually apply for the jobs, I just know I won't get them).
Catch train to my parents on Wednesday and stay for a few days.
Buy my mum a birthday present (I've decided slippers are a good idea).
Go to see Harry Potter with Manneh on Tuesday, potentially.
Hanging out with Jackson on Wednesday.
Go see my friend Kirk for his birthday on Saturday at G.
Finish mail-tag items for Paige and Sophie.
Send letter to my sister.
Finish letter to Missive Maven, send.