Some unaffordable material objects I've been eyeing off:

^ Sharpening Necklace (red) from Victoria Mason AU$198

^ Your Toast, Speech Bubble and Paper Plane earrings from Victoria Mason (all AU$55)

^ Cardboard Buck Jr Trophy from Fred Flare, US$32

^ Composition Notebook Duffel from Fred Flare, US$24

^ Vetements Polka Dot Bow Necklace, from Paraphernalia, US$30

Vetements Bow Tie Necklace from Paraphernalia, US$30

^ Braid Back Tee, by Species By The Thousands,US$38

^ Custom Leaf Silhouette Portrait, by Jenny Lee Fowler, US$65

^ Zumreed Lime Headphones, from Fred Flare, US$65

^ Seascape Stamp Set, from Yellow Owl Workshop, US$30

^ Stripy Book Belt, from Present & Correct, £7

I've spent the last day or two watching Season 3 of Skins, which the lovely Miss Sophie sent to me this week. I was fairly critical of the plot flaws and character development in the first two seasons, but still enjoyed it, and was apprehensive how a cast of new characters would turn out, but I had a really good time watching it. I basically have a big crush on Lily Loveless (and a little on Kathryn Prescott and Ollie Barbieri):

^ Naomi (Lily Loveless) and Emily (Kathryn Prescott)

^ JJ (Ollie Barbieri)

Yesterday was the last day for the internet month and we had 7MB of interwebz left, so we had to turn it off for a whole day! It was a loooooong day, haha. I'd like to do it more often actually. C and I went for a laksa today at our favourite place to eat Al-Oi Thai in Beaumont Street. That laksa is incredible. We get the same thing every time we go there and it never disappoints. It's a good idea when you feel the onset of a cold, it frightens the germs away. Tonight C's brother came over for dinner (and desert) and as we have three computers in the loungeroom at the moment we were quite the antisocialites and spent most of the night communally internetting.

I was thinking earlier about how I don't like weekends because there's no mail. Then I thought, wow I'm weird sometimes. And obviously unemployed and not studying.

Ps. This article made me smile today; 'Cat catches same bus every day'.