I thought it was a bird but it was just a paper bag

Some gorgeous pictures by Audrey Malo, you can purchase prints at her Etsy. I love the sketchy quality (found via Little Lost Love):

Things I ate today:
  • one and a half pieces of Lawson's Homestead Seed & Grain bread with my Nana's strawberry jam.
  • one bowl of C's delicious pumpkin, parmesan, mushroom and red wine risotto (the rice was purple it had so much wine in it).
  • two hot chocolates.
  • half small block of Black & Green's white chocolate (my second favourite type of chocolate, the first being Aldi's brand of pear infused dark chocolate)
  • C's 'sick soup' (stock, garlic, vegetables), even though I'm not sick.
  • Hari Har Chai Ice Cream with strawberries and pashmak.
  • Fuze soft drink (made from apples)
There was no real reason for that, I just wanted to recount what I ate today. Despite what I usually think, I eat pretty well. The ice cream and chocolate are sometimes foods, of course.

In preparation for our house inspection on Friday, C and I began a big, thorough clean up today. I mainly cleaned up our room, threw lots of stuff away and it looks so pretty and neat, it's uplifting. I wish I could take a picture of it before I start leaving clothes on the floor and putting things in lazy places. We listened to lots of Neko Case, Why?, Fiona Apple, Turin Brakes and Morrissey today. Tomorrow I will be spending the day similarly, being domestic (I really want a girly apron to wear around the house). There's probably not that much to do, but I feel like going overboard.

I've been putting off blogging lately, as there's been a bit of a major issue around lately, but not one that should probably be broadcast over the internet, and it's hard to not write something regarding it. By the weeks end it should be on the up, but currently it's stressful and taking a lot of energy. Sorry to be vague. I just wanted to put that out there.

In other news, my mum's 51st birthday is this time next week and I have no idea what to get her. How can it be August already? Jesus. I saw Sarah Von's article 'A Million Ways to Spend Your Birthday (or 12)' today and I thought it was cute. Maybe I could see if my mum wants to come climb a mountain with me for her birthday, she'd probably like that, I could like, make us a picnic or something... hmm... Am I weird?

Furthermore in more unrelated news, I am unemployed and not studying and it is grand. I have applied online for some jobs, and on Thursday I get to submit my first real DOLE FORM. Yes! I am so excited, I get to visit Centrelink every two weeks and apply for jobs I won't get! Hoorah. I had a really lovely 'phone meeting' with a lady from Centrelink the other day, and I basically told her I did want to be studying currently and I was really disappointed things didn't turn out this semester, and that I have done very little 'work' and am eager to learn some new skillz (sweet talkin', I know that's what she wanted to hear), and I think I pretty much conveyed how nervous I feel about doing 'nothing' for up to... *counts on fingers* 8 MONTHS, god. (Uni starts again in March). It's going to be interesting. I'm just imagining writing the 'Bianca gets her first job' blog now.

Margaret, a friend from high school updated her Facebook status earlier saying: Margaret cannot sleep because she can hear the rat chewing away frantically. tried to gain the courage to kill it by standing on the kitchen bench with the broom for 45 minutes. no luck... To which some people suggested some ideas - traps, ratsack and so on. So I suggested that she might like to borrow one of our cats, which she said was a great idea. C didn't seem too worried that I was going to rent out his cat, so I might. Interesting concept. I don't think Mesca would mind, and she'd get something out of it; a meal.

I'd like to get a nice drawing/collage journal sometime soon and scan pages, like these Moleskines, shame they're so spensif, about $35 a pop;

C showed me some interesting articles from Lifehacker today;
  • Improve Your Sleep Posture; it says "if you sleep on your side with one leg bent and across your body, you may be contributing to—or causing— your back pain", which is exactly how I sleep. So tonight I am going to try "on your side, knees bent, pillow between the knees, and your head resting on a single pillow".

  • Drop The F-Bomb To Relieve Pain; "Scientific American's Frederik Joelving writes about a new study that shows "that swearing may serve an important function in relieving pain." Basically, a group of psychiatrists wondered why it is that we seem to react to pain by swearing and conducted an experiment in which they studied the pain tolerances of a group of students who were swearing and a control group who wasn't. The results, as you may have guessed, were positive for the folks with the dirty mouths".
Now I'm going to make C brush my hair and watch some Daria!