Hair that red.

Just a postcard I'm sending to my friend Jackson anonymously;

And four postcards I received today;

Today C and his brother spent the day in the sun drinking boutique beer and fixing bicycles in our little yard. In a few days time I may just have a bicycle with which to ride around town. I don't have a helmet or a lock yet. I can't wait.

C is at work so I had ice cream and banana for dinner. I could smell next door's cooking as I sat here typing and I kept waiting for C to bring whatever he was making out. How disappointing. I am definitely going to starve by the time he gets back from Tasmania (18 WHOLE DAYS).

I am going to spend the evening watching Season 1 of Dexter and eating other unhealthy foods (Mi Goreng is first on the menu).

Also, you have to look at this collection of unusual and creative ice cube trays my friend Jade showed me. I've seen some of them before and I think I must have the lego; link.