List: Things I'd Like To Learn

^ +.

To ride a motorcycle
A martial art
French, Spanish, Welsh
To knit
More about my family history
To cook 10 really good meals
To sew, well
To take good photographs
To play piano
To play guitar better
To dance
To save money
To meditate
To stop biting my nails

A very basic list, nothing profound here.

My friend Doug came to visit last night while C was at work and we went to Coles to by 3 fifty cent bread sticks and came back to watch some Dexter. Was nice to hang out, although we usually spend the majority of it arguing. C and I went to hide a 'drop spot' this evening in Gregson Park in Hamilton. If you're nearby you should go find it! :)

I've been making magnetic poetry this afternoon with anonymous people. Strangely, very fun. You should take a look. Another link from my friend Jade, who is supposed to give birth today! C'mon little Charlie, we want to meet you.

I have a gig on Thursday, which I am dreadfully unprepared for and certain I'm going to screw it all up. I haven't played anywhere in so long. We'll see how it goes. I'm just playing some covers, but I'm so out of practice. Will let you know how it goes.