Something in the water

Today I discovered all of this wonderful free downloadable stationery, and now my life is complete. Not really, but pretty close. I have had a stomach ache for two days. It is really very painful. I thought it might be my appendix, but the pain is more in the centre. I Googled 'diagram of human body' and tried to check out what organs are in the painful areas, and decided it's probably just something to do with my intestines. Intestines is a gross word. I should rename this blog 'Bianca's Health Hypochondria' instead. Anyway, you got me off track, I was talking about downloadable stationery;

Flower print paper, download here.

Printable Matrioshka labels, download here.

Vintage trim gift tags, download here.

Postage Font, download here.

Obama bats font, download here.

Dream catcher list pad, download here.

Little red and snow white note pad, download here.

Carnivorous plants calendar, download here.

Gridded notepad, download here.

Library card and pocket template, download here.

Printable polka dot paper, download here.

Simple printable stationery, download here.

Mushroom labels and note pad, download here.

Fonts For Peas is also cool.

I cleaned today while C was coaching his soccer team and feel quietly accomplished at the lack of mess hiding anywhere. Later we went up to the Sydney Junction hotel for the fortnightly soccer club meet and as nobody showed up from C's team to claim the free player's player cocktail, I got it again. The cocktail I picked, for the second time, comes with the over indulgent title; "Sexual Chocolate". It's basically an alcoholic desert. Too rich, but so good.
If the huge pain pangs in my stomach don't go away by morning I'll be off to Dr Calee.
I'm going to watch some Buffy and maybe rewatch some United States of Tara. Naaaight :)