Today I went to my Centrelink-employment-rehabilitation place. The name makes me feel like I'm going to rehab, but it's really about helping people with medical conditions get back into work. So, as was required, I told them all about my 'condition' and they guy looked sympathetic. I had a huge sneezing fit just prior to going in, so I looked a bit wrecked and couldn't stop sniffing and blowing my nose, which I suppose helped my case. In a week or so I'll get assigned a case worker and they'll 'help me find suitable jobs' which sounds lovely. The guy I was talking to asked "Are there any particular jobs that you're interested in?", to which I quickly replied "I want to work in the night sorting room at Australia Post". Haha. He seemed pleased. Then I went down to the mall bought a soy banana smoothie and went to my mum's work to give it to her, which she appreciated and swapped me some fig flavoured yoghurt. Then I went and sat on the edge of the ocean baths and waited for C to bring me my swimmers so we could swim in it! Here are some (bad quality) photos I took today when I was waiting. By the time C got there it was windy and cold and we forgot towels, but I dipped my feet in and people-watched for about an hour and it was lovely.

^ That crane kind of ruined it.

^ Legs always look weird from this angle. That water was so nice.

^ Sun in my eyes weird face. THERE ARE BIRDS FLYING INTO MY EAR. That shirt is quite an heirloom. My mum had it for at least twenty years before she gave it to me and the brand is written on the tag in gorgeous gold thread saying 'GAYLORD'. Best brand.

I arrived home to find a beautiful card, lovely letter and some extra blank stationery from a lady in Holland via Postcrossing.

Also, while I'm at it, here are some things I sent this week;

^ I ended up adding more postage because I am paranoid, and too embarrassed to go in and ask.

^ Mail-tag letters to Paige and Sophie.

Also, in Paige's last mail-tag requests she asked for 'some amusing/interesting personal ads/classifieds' and here is what I sent (if you can't read them, go here);

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thursdays/Fridays depending where you are.