Aereo Correo!

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The night before last I stayed up until 7am watching the 3rd season of Dexter (it's so hard to stop when you have the whole series) and then had to get up three hours later to go to a job helper meeting. I had a sneezing fit before I went in and workmen who were outside were laughing at me and kept saying "Bless you" for every sneeze. When I got in I had this woman help me rewrite my resume, which basically consisted of really slowly cutting and pasting everything from my existing resume into the exact same headings on another page and then adding some adjectives, eg. EXCELLENT customer service skills, EXTENSIVE cash handling experience. Anyway, that took a really long time and after I got out I waited around Darby Street for my friend Manneh to get out of work and when I tracked him down we walked to his new place, which I hadn't been to before (Manneh has a HUGE mailbox shaped like a house) and we watched really awful television. I haven't watched TV in so long, when did TV turn so bad? I can't wait to watch 'World's Strictest Parents' on Wednesday nights. Manneh and I ended up watching some Animal Rescue show and waited for Manneh's friend Noltron and his Swedish friend to come get us to take us out for dinner which Manneh so kindly shouted me. We stayed out until about 10 and by then I was pretty deliriously tired, came home, Skyped C and then fell in bed with the cats.

I woke up this morning with a cat on my pillow next to my face and a huge expanse of bright orange sky out the window. Yesterday almost the entire state had a massive dust storm, wind blowing dust across drought affected remote NSW - so today it's kind of overcast, incredibly windy (the cats are shaking and crying) to the point where it feels like the house might collapse and the sky is this amazing shade of orange. Later today Manneh, my mum and I are catching the train back to Dungog, I don't know if I can even make it to the train station without being blown away.

Today was a very good mail day. I looked out at the mailbox when I got up and saw that it's lid was up and it was getting rained on, so I ran out, just as the parcel post lady was at my gate to give me a very cute parcel from C. There was too much mail for the lid to close which was pretty funny. I got the loveliest envelope and letter from the lovely Chandlerguera. I wish I could photograph the contents of the envelope because there were some gorgeous things in there. She basically packed it full of red ephemera. It's probably one of my favourite envelopes I've ever seen, made out of a page from a calendar, featuring Frida Kahlo;

Also in my tiny mail box today was a lovely long letter from a girl from Poland, a package containing the lovely Chronicle Books Wonder Woman stationery, three Postcrossing postcards and 3 postcards from C. Apparently he is sending my one postcard for every day he's been away, so by the time he gets back I will have received 18 postcards from him. Woah.

Before going to Dungog I have to bake biscuits, clean the house, wash up, wash/hang out/bring in washing, pack, feed the cats, etc. I haven't even gotten to read all of the mail yet.

I hope your Tuesday/Wednesday is very pleasant :)

PS. I thought that all the windows in the house were shut, but there was one in my bedroom that I'd left open a crack, and the bathroom window was opened and now literally EVERYTHING in my whole house is coated with a thin layer of dust. All my friends' Facebook status' are about the dust storm. There is dust in my eyes, in my mouth and in my braaaaaain. Thankfully, my mum missed the train today and drove instead, so she's coming to pick me up at 5. Now off I go to try to remove dust from everything. The floor looks the worst and it's all over my bed :(