^ I'd like to wear this and go out in the rain. Another uncredited Tumblr finding.

I finally willed myself to hang up all of the clothes piled on my bedroom floor today. I decided I would only pick up red clothes, then I hung them all up. Then I decided I would only pick up black clothes, and then I hung them all up. Most of my clothes are red or black. Then I hung up the whites, greys, greens and so on. So now all of my clothes are hung up and sorted by their colours. Then I watered the garden, washed the dishes, swept, cleaned the bathroom and now I'm validating it all by writing about it on my blog :) I am eating overcooked garlic bread. Garlic bread is usually one of my favourite comfort foods, but today it's not very comforting. I am about to go to the shops to buy cornflour and lemons to make my favourite biscuits;

Last night I went to the Newcastle Uni Womens' Soccer Club 'Soccer Ball' on C's behalf, him being in Tasmania and all. He emailed me his speech a few days prior and I had to read it out, it was pretty funny and I spent the rest of the night dancing with the absolutely lovely girls from his team and with T-Bone. The bar was entirely free, but I kind of forgot to drink anything. 'T-Bone' gave me $20 for a cab home, which was very nice of him. Film Society tonight and then watching Dexter until I fall asleep. Ahh, I have an interesting life.

C comes home in one whole week!

In other news, I am making a huge zine mind-map. I hope to have a zine all made up within the next month. I'll probably post all of the pages here for you to see and then put it in Bird In The Hand distro to sell.

I hope you've had a lovely weekend so far :)

Also, I am running a swap @ Swap-bot that requires you to make a postcard out of an old record cover. Wanna join in?

Here is a postcard I made from some cardboard and a page from an old childrens' book I decorated. I am sending it to the makers of Good Mail Day in thanks;