Birds on the wires

^ of course, this reminded me of C.

Today I'm writing a 'boring list' featuring a whole lot of things I've been putting off, like... the ever increasing pile of clothes on my bedroom floor, paying bills, more washing, mopping the kitchen floor, doing the dishes, figuring out if and what I want to apply for at Tafe, applying for Tafe and doing the necessary post and prior application information finding, ticking off some of the things on my 'employment action plan' (depressingggg), calling ear nose and throat specialists to get exorbitant quotes for single consultations, calling an old teacher to see if she still has photos of my art major work to put in my design portfolio, trying to track down where on earth my art major work is, etc, etc. So, I really don't feel like doing any of those things. Instead, I'm going opshopping with Doug. Doug has to find material for his fibres assignment, so he's going to cut up old dresses. I would like to find interesting paper ephemera for making into post related things. Will report back.

Last night I went on a little band bus to Sydney to the UNSW Roundhouse to see my friends Caleb Skips Chemistry play, to their dismay (and mine) they didn't win, but the bus trip down and the bands were fun.

^ I liked this, unfortunately like most things on Tumblr it's uncredited.

Birds on the Wires from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

"Reading a newspaper, I saw a picture of birds on the electric wires. I cut out the photo and decided to make a song, using the exact location of the birds as notes (no Photoshop edit). I knew it wasn't the most original idea in the universe. I was just curious to hear what melody the birds were creating."
(via Something Changed)

Today I had a laugh at Tweeting Too Hard, thought Japanese Cat Cafes are bizarre and kind of wished we had them in Australia (via Meet Me At Mikes' post) and joined this site called We Heart It (after seeing Lick My Cupcakes' account).

Ps. Here are postcards I have received so far from C while he's been away;

Some cute postcards I received today;

^ lovely Taiwanese stamps.

And an envelope I'm sending out to a friend of my sisters;