Eskimo Snow

Today I am reaaaaally excited that my favourite band, Why?, is coming to Australia and playing the Annandale Hotel on the day I come back from Launceston (16th December). Eeeeeeeee! I texted Paige straight away and we are organising going. I am beyond looking forward to it. I actually downloaded their new album today before I found out they were touring here. Of course, much encouragement in you checking them out :) One of my favourite songs is 'The Hollows'.

Last night my mum came to stay, she said we should go out for dinner and after wandering around for a while we decided on my favourite pizza place called Crust. We got a takeaway vegetarian supreme which features such delightful ingredients as grilled eggplant, marinated artichokes, baby spinach, boccochini, pesto aoili and we got stuffed figs on top as well. It was dreamy. Once you have one of the pizzas from this place you can never eat a mediocre pizza again. I said something about Baileys and the next moment we'd gone halves on a small bottle. I always get asked for ID, but I guess the trick is to go into bottle shops with your mum and you won't get asked. We spent most of the night just talking and laughing and drinking Baileys on ice and munching up awesome pizza. I feel like getting one right now... mmm...

I walked past one of the newsagents up the road from me today and it said it was having a closing down sale and stationery was 50%! Sadly, there wasn't too much that caught my eye except some cheap ink and air mail envelopes, but I think I'll go back and stock up on writing utensils tomorrow.

I'm thinking about heading down to Sydney tomorrow night to see some of my best friends from high school's band Caleb Skips Chemistry play the state finals of the uni/Tafe band comp. I always enjoy showing my support.

I've probably mentioned before that I am a compulsive nail biter, really bad, all my life, but as C has stopped smoking, I am matching him in not biting my nails. They're still pretty short, and I'm only just getting used to doing things that require nails that I couldn't do before! Like opening things! Here is a photo of (small) progress. I think it's been like, three weeks. Revlon Red is pretty much the only nail polish I own/buy;

On a completely different topic here is some post related stuff I'm coveting;

^ Uhhhmazing prints from Art&Ghosts you can get printed into postcards (via Decor8)

^ I Love Mail badges and This and That Stationery Set from Assembly of Text.

^ Stitchable Europe postcard, for, y'know, whenever I get to go to Europe + Hemline Stationery Set.

^ Found paper pack and a book called Handmade Hellos.

^ Typewriter tape and Landscape stamp set.

^ Vintage labels and Russian colouring cards.

I made this postcard yesterday out of an index card and some canceled stamps;

Also, I've been working my way through this list of the Top 100 Australian Women Bloggers which features some amazing bloggers, with a special mention to the 1 spot held by Pip from Meet Me At Mikes. There are some very clever Australian women.

Now I'm considering making mashed potato, pumpkin and kumera with sweet chili sauce for dinner (I'm feeling lazy) and powering through the 3rd season of Dexter, which C's sister in law gave to me today. I went to pick up C's niece from school this afternoon and walked her home. It was sweet.

Til tomorrow :)

Ps. Another of C's post office photos. I want to post my letters here!