^ This looks strangely delicious. I think I might try it. My dad used to have pear and apple on peanut butter toast.

C and I are about to go out for breakfast in Redfern. This place has had a bad reputation, but it's much lovelier than is given credit for. So many gorgeous terraces and old buildings. We're staying with C's friend Mel in her huge, gorgeous shared terrace. We slept in a massive loft. Yesterday when we got in off the train we had lunch at a kebab shop and talked to a young guy with a pony tail carrying a baseball bat. C said "Do you need that around here?" and he laughed and said "Not before 7.30" (apparently a friend had given it to him). Then we sat in the park and witnessed an almost accident, where a man nearly rear ended a lady's car and then proceeded to get out and yell in her window so that the whole street would hear; "Where did you get your license?!". Then we saw a thin hunching man in a knitted jumper being pulled along the street by his primary school daughter, who stopped at the park and sat down and wouldn't move, with her father trying to reason with her that he'd take her to the park tomorrow. Eventually she went with him, but later we saw her hiding in a shop and her father was standing outside with his bread calling "Beatrice! Come on, we've got to go". It was very cute. Aaaanyway, only a few more hours with C before he flies away, then back home to the cats. I left the house really messy, so I'll have something to occupy myself with, and Paige sent me up a copy of Dexter Season 2, so I'll get straight onto that. I MISS YOU ALREADY C ♥