No One Has All The Answers

Today I spent $17 on stamps. Eep. I didn't know it was possible. Today I'm feeling drained of funds (only bills in the mail today) and the dreary weather, which I usually love, is making things feel a bit down today. C and I went up to post mail and looked in two op shops on the way back. We saw a huge old low dressing table with a great big mirror which would be great for the spare room and a really interesting decorated old wooden record player/tape player/cd player for $50. C wanted it so bad. It would be perfect for our house. Buuuut, we didn't get either. The day before yesterday C and I went to Office Works and I bought some new textas and stickers and a date stamp to go with the purple ink pad I have. I need to find more things that need date stamps. I've been date stamping all my mail. I also sent out two mix cds to recipients in the UK and US for a swap I'm doing via Swapbot which requires you to make a mix cd full of songs that have names in the titles. I should receive two in return. Here's my tracklisting:
1. Patricia's Moving Picture - The Go! Team
2. Sarah - Bat For Lashes
3. I Have Forgiven Jesus - Morrissey
4. I Had A Dream, Joe - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
5. Fred Jones, Pt. 2 - Ben Folds
6. Cath... - Death Cab For Cutie
7. Mr E's Beautiful Blues - Eels
8. Jesus The Mexican Boy - Iron & Wine
9. Noah (Ghost In A Sheet) - Fionn Regan
10. For Emma - Bon Iver
11. Samson - Regina Spektor
12. Simeon's Dilemma - Why?
13. Casey's Song - City & Colour
14. Bella - Angus & Julia Stone
15. Judy And The Dream Of Horses - Belle & Sebastian
16. Son Of Sam - Elliott Smith
17. I'll Have To Dance With Cassie - God Help The Girl
18. Alison - Elvis Costello
19. A Postcard To Nina - Jens Lekman
20. The Ballad Of Love And Hate - The Avett Brothers (I stretched it a bit with this one, 'Love' and 'Hate' are the names of characters in the song).
Want a copy? :)

Here's the packages I sent out (When I sent them out they were covered in gorgeous stamps. At $5 each to send I don't think I'll be doing too many of these swaps):

My next swap involves making postcards out of cardboard food packaging.

Here's another letter and some postcards I sent out:

I'm meant to be folding and hanging up the huge clothes pile in mine and C's room, but I've been putting it off all day. He can't pack his stuff up for going away until it's done, so I have to do it. Tomorrow we're catching the train to Sydney to stay with one of C's high school friends, and then he'll catch the shuttle bus to the airport in the afternoon and I'll train home. Might go out to see a band I like called The Heartbreak Club on Wednesday night and then one of my best friends, Paige, is holding her birthday 55th Anniversary of Lassie's Television debut celebrations in Newcastle on the weekend which should be lovely to attend.

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