1. 10 Awesome Images That Are Actually Paintings;

2. Lego Cello;

3. If I Would Make A Documentary It Would Be About...

4. Could I please have this in my mailbox? (via A Girl and her Blog)

5. Dads in Short Shorts reminded me of my dad, so here's a picture of my dad in short shorts, haha. I'm the one on his shoulders, my brother is on the canon. I don't think my dad had many other items of leg wear besides short shorts;

I was hoping to go to the Bird In The Hand zine workshop today, but the weather is telling me otherwise. Apparently another dust storm may be on it's way. At the moment it's just ridiculously windy, but I'm taking no chances. Instead I'll get to do much more fun things, like mopping all the floors in the house to get off the sticky red dust, doing washing that I can't hang out, etc.

Yesterday I got up in Dungog and my sister walked me to the train station (wagger), and I had to catch a rail bus to Maitland before transferring to a train. I had two ridiculously heavy bags and when I got off the train in Hamilton I had to wait for about 10 minutes to cross the road due to traffic. This man in a car stopped just before me and made this huge gesture for me to cross in front of his car and yelled at me and I was like 'Woah...' and crossed really quickly. For some reason being yelled at by a stranger just set me off to having a bad day. I got home to find a new mobile bill and I'd just finished paying off the old one this week, I looked up prices for getting a new birth certificate and felt poor, I watched a bit of an old video my dad took when we were kids, thinking it would make me feel nostalgic and happy, but it just made me feel sad for my dad. Eventually Doug showed up at my house to take me opshopping with his huge gambling win and handed me a bunch of redskins which he knows I love and the day got a bit happier. After opshopping we went to Office Works (Doug calls it Orifice Works) and Doug bought me a small gift which I picked out, a letter/postcard stand :D It's the best thing ever invented. Then I came home and had a nap and made postcards and envelopes out of record covers. Anyway, this has been my really long winded way of saying that I had a bad day yesterday, but it got better. Ha.

Here's a Swap-bot Mail Art swap envelope I sent out this week. I packed it full of so many things, I hope she likes it. The guy I gave it to at the post office didn't blink an eyelid at it, which was a good feeling;