I just felt the need to blog about this purse, I want one so bad. You choose the map on the purse from Australian cities and towns. This one is $55 which I think is fairly reasonable. I'm in the market for a new purse, but I need something with places for cards, etc, but this would be a perfect coin purse. From Map29;

So lovely.

I wish I had more Dexter to watch! Now I'm all caught up I have to wait for each episode of season 4 to air in the US. Hmpf! The cupboards here are almost bare and I have no idea what to make myself for dinner. I feel like going out to my favourite pizza place, but I can't warrant spending $20 on dinner just for myself. I wish C was home a day earlier and could cook for me! I've missed his cooking him so much! :P I'm thinking of taking him to see 500 Days of Summer next week but don't tell him.