What I Wore Today

I posted a picture of a postcard I made for my friend Jackson a week or two ago and (coinciding with my frustration with Australia Post) it is still yet to arrive. It was meant to be anonymous, but I asked Jackson the other day, 'Got any interesting mail lately?' and he said no, and I told him I'd sent him something. At least I was able to send him the scans I took of it and he loved it. Here's another one I made for him. Lets see if this one arrives. Tea boxes aren't quite as aesthetically interesting as beer cartons, but there's no beer around these parts;

I finished watching the first season of Dexter last night, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I did forgot that watching shows like that in large amounts in one sitting kind of makes you go crazy. When I was a kid we'd watch Law and Order and then two episodes of CSI in a row when they were on TV and I'd go to bed afterward with blood and guts all stuck in my head. So I had lots of Dexter related dreams last night and haven't stopped thinking about it all day. As a result, C and I are going to watch the Jets game at the Bennett in an hour or so then go to his brother's house to borrow season 2 & 3.

Today I had a bit of a whinge and cry at C about him going away for so long next week. Entirely selfish of me, I know. 18 days just feels like soooo long. I know he feels the same way about it and there's no way I'm going to keep him here because 'we can't be apart', but I'll be mighty lonely without him! It will be just me and the cats for most of the time. I'm thinking of getting a membership at the video shop so I can occupy myself with all matter of television box sets and movies and such. I got a letter today from Centrelink telling me that I no longer have to hand in fortnightly employment income forms and I only have to hand in one form every twelve weeks, as a result of my job network rehabilitation people. Woo. So I don't even have mandatory job searching to occupy my time anymore. Jeez, what do I even do with my days now?!