what i wore today

Worn | Always Red

Hi there! Apologies for the unexpected radio silence around these parts. Life got busy and complicated but now I'm ready to resume my normal regimen of semi-sporadic, aimless posts. Hooray! 

My friend Jaine gave me this sweet vintage dress out of the blue one day and it is now on high rotation in my wardrobe (and by wardrobe I mean floordrobe). Over the last few months I have started to foster much closer, meaningful relationships with female friends and I can't overstate how refreshing and important that has been for me. It is ridiculously sweet to go out for coffee dates with ladies I like and then receive texts from them later saying how much they enjoyed our hang outs. During and after high school most of my close friends were male and I was often hesitant to form close female friendships (having been spurned in a close friendship long ago). Having fun, clever, supportive lady friends is the best.

I probably don't need to tell you that red is my favourite colour or that I refuse to wear it sparingly. Wearing it is a pick-me-up on days when I'm feeling lacklustre. Last week I was walking in the city (not wearing red however) and an old man stopped me to thank me for looking like a "Summer's day". It definitely caught me off guard and was one of the nicest compliments I've ever received. 

My mum is staying with me for the next week and then Theo and I are spending a little over a week in NSW with family. In the meantime, I am up to my ears in really fun freelance work. I really need to work on scheduling out my life better because I flounder when it comes to time management. I know it's a skill developed over time and I'll get there eventually. I need to befriend early mornings and make better use of my Filofax.

Life is good at the moment. I hope you're feeling the same way.

Worn | Dear Creatures

I went to my sweet friend Ella's baby shower today and wore this new dress. I put it on layby a month or two ago and I'm a little bit in love with it. It's by Dear Creatures (and is on sale on their website at the moment). The baby shower was lovely (and the food was amazing) and I'm very excited to meet her new little girl in a few weeks.

I'm house sitting at the moment, but stopped by my apartment to tidy it up for my rental inspection tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting back to it in a little while, now that a friend has lent me her fridge and washing machine and the internet is being connected. I'll feel like a real person again!

Nice things lately:
+ My work colleagues making me feel special when I had to work on my birthday this week (and enforcing that I wear a big, pink 'Birthday Girl' badge).
+ Mint Slice biscuits.
+ Lunch dates and afternoon teas with lovely friends.
+ Being given a cute hand-me-down dress from a sweet friend.
+ Finishing up some fun commissions (lots of pet portraits!).
+ Raw, vegan cheezecake shared with Theo.
+ Reading in bed.
+ Listening to lots of Radio National (I'm an old person).
+ Daily fur brushing sessions with the cat I'm minding; Harry the British Blue (so soft!).

Worn | Cardigan Weather


Hi there! Long time no see!

This week my step sister Jaime flew home after staying with us for 10 days. We took her to MONA, stayed at the Alabama Hotel (more on that later), she minded Theo while we went to see Ben Folds with the symphony, we visited Deloraine, had a dip in the waterfall at Lilydale Falls and a picnic and a paddle at Cataract Gorge, I took her to a graphic design workshop, we went for a couple of bike rides and we ate A LOT of fruit because Jaime is a fruit addict. We don't get too many guests down here in Tassie (come visit me! I have a sofa bed waiting for you!) so it was lovely to get to show Jaime around and see Tasmania with fresh eyes again. I am so glad that having lived here for four and a half years (!), I still find it to be a ridiculously lovely place to live.

I bought this dress and a new tube of Ruby Woo when we were in Hobart. Literally the only place I buy clothes from is Dangerfield, downstairs at the Myer in Hobart which means that I rarely buy new clothes and when I do I get really excited about it.


I have officially stopped calling this guy a baby now. Look at him - he's ENORMOUS! Several times a day I say to him "Weren't you just born?!" or "Are you even real?!". He has about ten words now and his current favourite activities are dancing, washing his hands (so many times a day), brushing his teeth, jumping on his little trampoline, playing in the dirt in the backyard, kicking and throwing balls, pretending to talk on the phone and diving off of high things. I have been a bit lazy with writing in my little baby book for him and should really do an update - it's nice to slow down and try to be a bit more present and write things down. I have been really busy lately but have been able to spend a lot more time at home with this guy, which is always good.

+ Dress: Dangerfield; cardigan: Revival; shoes: Doc Martens; brooch: vintage.

Worn | I Love Yellow


I recently borrowed a tripod from my uni so that I could film myself working on a painting. I set up the tripod really high above my desk in the perfect position, with my camera on it and left it for a few days before I wanted to start painting. When I came back to it, I moved my desk slightly and the tripod fell, hard. And my lens broke. Bah, bum. And replacing it is $200 that I don't have. So I've reverted back to using my beaten up old Canon for these photos. It was my first time using a tripod/taking photos of myself by myself. It felt very narcissistic and I was worried my neighbours might be able to see me. I only lasted four photos. Here are the four photos. I also probably should have ironed my shirt.


I also wanted to mention that I've started a new course! Already! Yay, no break! It's a Diploma of Design through the Tractor Design School in Melbourne (online). I'd like to write a little bit more about that in a post soon. I am really enjoying it so far. I wore this outfit today while I took some photos on an 'awareness walk' around my neighbourhood for the first assignment. It was quite windy. Did my skirt blow up and show my undergarments several times? Yes it did.


Worn | Purple & Red


C, Theo and I took a drive to Hobart yesterday to watch a soccer game. We also stopped into T2 to buy some more Liquorice Legs tea (my favourite), JB Hi-Fi to ogle old radios (I want an old fashioned looking digital radio for my studio so I can listen to Radio National) and Dangerfield (I don't buy clothes from anywhere else anymore) and I bought this sweet dress. I'd tried it on last time I was there, didn't buy it and regretted it, so thankfully 25% off sweetened the deal this time. I am wearing my purple suede Crocs in this picture - purple, suede and Crocs sounds like the worst combination ever, haha. I never knew that Crocs made shoes that aren't hideous. These shoes are ridiculously comfortable and I bought them at the opshop for $6.


The soccer game was good (Sydney FC vs Melbourne Victory) and C got to meet an internet friend (who he calls his Perth doppelgänger) who was visiting Hobart. Theo is at that age where he just will not sit still, everything and everywhere has to be explored. I see other little boys who just stand with their parents or sit on a picnic rug with their family - my boy is not that kind of boy. He has to be constantly moving. I don't think he cares where he is going, but he just has to be going somewhere. And so unless I strap him into his pram and keep him there, he'll just wander off and keep wandering! Occasionally he'll look back to see where we are, but that doesn't really seem to be of much concern to him. I like to let him just wander by himself, as long as I can see where he is, but at a heavily populated event like a football game, with sloping bitumen (which he fell over and grazed his face on a few times) it's not so easy.


I've been trying to ditch the pram more often and just go for a walk down the street, letting Theo walk alongside me. He gets easily sidetracked by his reflection in shop windows or the need to climb on things or go down alleyways or stuff his pockets with gravel, haha. There is a park just around the corner from our house, just an expansive grassed area - and Theo will just wander around that huge patch of grass for hours. I guess having just learned how to walk, the world is his oyster.


His favourite activity at the moment is watering the garden with C, with his own little yellow watering can. And playing with his big pink bouncy ball. He's also at that really mimicking age where you cough or sneeze or laugh and he'll copy you. He also makes that little clicking noise with his tongue and pats his knees, trying to make the cats come to him (like C does). Needless to say, I am loving this age.


Our garden is looking pretty lovely at this time of year. The waratahs are flowering and so is just about everything else. I've had severe hayfever, rhinitis and sinusitis since I can remember and I had an allergy blood test a few months ago which said that I had severe grass/pollen allergies (what a surprise). I had an intramuscular steroid hayfever injection which is actually helping a lot and means I can spend lots of time in my lovely garden without sneezing into catatonic state. I'm looking forward to making a proper veggie garden in it when my mum visits in December for my graduation. I want to plant snow peas and spinach and pumpkins and beetroot. C has already planted rhubarb and raspberries which are popping up.

+ dress: princess highway, top: dangerfield, shoes: crocs, collar clips: sweet & lovely.