Worn | I Love Yellow


I recently borrowed a tripod from my uni so that I could film myself working on a painting. I set up the tripod really high above my desk in the perfect position, with my camera on it and left it for a few days before I wanted to start painting. When I came back to it, I moved my desk slightly and the tripod fell, hard. And my lens broke. Bah, bum. And replacing it is $200 that I don't have. So I've reverted back to using my beaten up old Canon for these photos. It was my first time using a tripod/taking photos of myself by myself. It felt very narcissistic and I was worried my neighbours might be able to see me. I only lasted four photos. Here are the four photos. I also probably should have ironed my shirt.


I also wanted to mention that I've started a new course! Already! Yay, no break! It's a Diploma of Design through the Tractor Design School in Melbourne (online). I'd like to write a little bit more about that in a post soon. I am really enjoying it so far. I wore this outfit today while I took some photos on an 'awareness walk' around my neighbourhood for the first assignment. It was quite windy. Did my skirt blow up and show my undergarments several times? Yes it did.