List | Things I'm Worried About


+  Am I watering my house plants enough (or, am I watering them too often?)

+ Even though I just had a really good time hanging out with someone, do I need to analyse every single thing I said over and over again in my head for the rest of the day until I'm sure everything I said was embarrassing and I never want to see that person again?

+ Where have my cats been during the day and what have they been doing?

+ Am I going to be a really good designer/illustrator and make a career out of it (or should I just concede defeat early and commit to working at a supermarket for the rest of my life)?

+ Various and assorted 'mum guilts': e.g. Am I feeding Theo varied enough foods? Should I be reading to him more often? Does him having a tantrum mean he's going to have ADHD? What did he just put in his mouth? Am I spending enough time with him? Why doesn't he know how to say mum yet? Does he love me?

+ Have my cats peed on the pile of clothes in my bedroom that I'm too lazy to put away?

+ Is this migraine really a brain tumour?

+ Is Tony Abbott going to ruin everything I hold dear. And, if so, what kind of world will Theo grow up in? What can I do about it?

+ Will I ever get to go overseas? Am I not cultured for not having travelled? Will travelling make my life more meaningful?

+ Do my cats love me or do they just hang out in my house because I give them food?

+ Will we stop Ebola?

+ Do I need to get a Dachshund? Why are their legs so short?

+ Do I love my husband as much as he loves me? Does my husband love me as much as I love him?

+ Is there lipstick on my teeth?

+ Why do I always stay up way too late? How can I stop doing that? Is staying up late taking a toll on my health?

+ Should I just stop doing everything I'm doing and go off and become an aid worker?

+ Is worrying about these things simply a ridiculous example of first world problems?

+ Am I going to finish uni? Done as of this week!

+ What are you worried about?