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Hi there! Long time no see!

This week my step sister Jaime flew home after staying with us for 10 days. We took her to MONA, stayed at the Alabama Hotel (more on that later), she minded Theo while we went to see Ben Folds with the symphony, we visited Deloraine, had a dip in the waterfall at Lilydale Falls and a picnic and a paddle at Cataract Gorge, I took her to a graphic design workshop, we went for a couple of bike rides and we ate A LOT of fruit because Jaime is a fruit addict. We don't get too many guests down here in Tassie (come visit me! I have a sofa bed waiting for you!) so it was lovely to get to show Jaime around and see Tasmania with fresh eyes again. I am so glad that having lived here for four and a half years (!), I still find it to be a ridiculously lovely place to live.

I bought this dress and a new tube of Ruby Woo when we were in Hobart. Literally the only place I buy clothes from is Dangerfield, downstairs at the Myer in Hobart which means that I rarely buy new clothes and when I do I get really excited about it.


I have officially stopped calling this guy a baby now. Look at him - he's ENORMOUS! Several times a day I say to him "Weren't you just born?!" or "Are you even real?!". He has about ten words now and his current favourite activities are dancing, washing his hands (so many times a day), brushing his teeth, jumping on his little trampoline, playing in the dirt in the backyard, kicking and throwing balls, pretending to talk on the phone and diving off of high things. I have been a bit lazy with writing in my little baby book for him and should really do an update - it's nice to slow down and try to be a bit more present and write things down. I have been really busy lately but have been able to spend a lot more time at home with this guy, which is always good.

+ Dress: Dangerfield; cardigan: Revival; shoes: Doc Martens; brooch: vintage.