List | My 100 Ideas Pt. 1


I've been wanting to write my own list of 100 Ideas, inspired by Keri Smith's for ages. I thought I'd post them in volumes of 25 - here is the first volume.

1. Make a collection of items with similarities (eg. all orange items, tiny things, beach trash, flowers from your neighbourhood, tea tags, things starting with the letter P, etc), lay them out and photograph them. Do this with different items.
2. Doodle on post-it notes and stick them in public places (you might want to use washi tape to stick them to a surface so it doesn't blow away).
3. Take a photo of your feet at the same time every day for a week (in different locations, wearing different footwear/socks/barefeet).
4. Pick a random address out of the phonebook (or search for a random name in an online address directory) and mail them a postcard with a nice message. Include your return address, or not.
5. Participate in (or start) a 'Free Art Friday' in your area and leave pieces of art for people to find in public spaces.
6. Go to a public space and people watch. Make a piece of art in response to this experience (eg. draw people's faces, write down conversations heard, write haikus, create an abstract response).
7. Make a font based on your own handwriting.
8. Do a pencil sketch of some of the products in your pantry or fridge in their packaging. Colour them in with watercolours.
9. Take a photo of your house and do a sketch based on it. Sketch other houses in your street. Colour them with whatever colours you think they should be (purple roofs, polka dot bricks, orange doors, etc).
10. Take close up pictures of the patterns or textures of your favourite clothes.
11. Bookcross a book. Leave a message in the back of the book telling future readers what you enjoyed about the book.
12. Write a series of haikus about someone you love, try to summarise their character. Share them with the person.
13. Write a dot point list summarising your day in chronological order. Try doing this for a week.
14. Go to a thrift shop. Pick an item and write a short story detailing what kind of life you think it had with its previous owner(s).
15. Make pom poms and hang them from a tree in a public area. Try hanging them when nobody is around, then return to the tree later when people are walking by and see if people notice them.
16. Make yourself an interesting business card, regardless of what you do. You can even just have your name and email address on it. Give them to people you meet.
17. Create three self portraits using different materials (eg. pen, paint, collage, graphics tablet, photograph, ink, linocut, etc.) or in different styles.
18. Each time you are in a department store, try on a different perfume. Sketch the bottle and write their names down so that you can remember them and write something about the scent (eg. fruity, musky, lemony, woodsy, floral, light, spicy).
19. Arrange a small, fun, scavenger hunt for someone you know who might need a pick-me-up.
20. Create a paste-up and stick it somewhere that you regularly pass by.
21.  Take a photo, convert it to black and white and get it printed as big as you can (for as little money as you can - I got a huge one printed at A1 size). Hang it in your house.
22. Illustrate one of your favourite recipes and hang it in your kitchen.
23. Write a paragraph review of every tea or coffee you drink at a cafe in the next month.
24. Go for a walk around your suburb/city making quick drawings of signs that you see.
25. Try drawing a zentangle.

Ps. If you're looking for more fun creative ideas, you should read Mary's 100 ways to be creative list and her 100 things to do when you're bored list.