Just A Minute | November

This month I...

I've been going a little bit overboard with the tub of bright pink aquarium pebbles that I got from @hollyleonardson. Also, in the midst of a full-blown obsession with indoor plants.
More evidence of indoor plant obsession.
...went a little bit mad over indoor plants. They're my favourite. Today I bought a string of pearls plant which I've been wanting forever!.

I spent a few days painting this envelope and even had dreams that it got lost or destroyed, ha!
Another zine envelope I mailed recently.
I sent out some zine orders and got a bit fancy with the lettering (the top one may have taken me several days to complete).

I put up my work yesterday for assessment (and hid it under a blanket until marking time because I wasn't feeling good about it). When I went to pick it up today I wanted to try to get in and out without having to talk to anyone about it but the woman cur
I finished my major work for my degree! Hooray! It is currently being exhibited at the Academy Gallery at my uni at the moment until the 7th of December and I'll have to take some better photos of it to do a post about it soon. I got my results back yesterday and am pleasantly surprised with how things turned out.

#atticuskitty does not want me to finish my uni painting tonight. He keeps knocking my paint pallets off the table, trying to drink my paint water, putting his paws in the paint and begging me for cuddles. I have one day left to finish this huge painting,
In the few weeks before submission I was doing 12 hour painting days and basically drove myself insane. This is Atticus saying to me "Are you alright? How about you stop painting for a while and eat/sleep/shower?".

If you're in Launceston you should pop into the Academy Gallery at Inveresk over the next two weeks to see the 3rd year & honours grad show. I spotted this mention in The Examiner yesterday - the curator gave a lovely mention of my work. There are some am
I spotted this write-up in the local newspaper about the show, which mentions my work. I went to the grad show opening at the gallery last week and it was lovely to see all of the fruits of everybody's labours on show, such a diverse, wonderful range. There was a presentation ceremony and some awards (which I didn't even know they gave out) and I was lucky enough to snap up the Tasmanian Contemporary Art award and a $500 cheque. It was a very unexpected and a lovely surprise. I'm going to spend it renovating my studio. I'd love to do a small exhibition next year sometime.

Drawing some chickens.
I drew some chickens just for fun.

Four more days until #babyjagoe and @xavcob come home 👪
Theo and C spent the first part of the month in NSW visiting family and I went a bit stir crazy without them. C sent me LOTS of photos of Theo daily which helped.

Some lovely irises that sprung up at my front door overnight. Also, if anyone lives in Launceston and would like a dozen white calla lilies - they are taking over my backyard, and despite being very beautiful, they're toxic to cats, so if like to get rid
My garden exploded with flowers (including these lovely irises which basically popped up over night).

Oh @s_o_h_o! I am actually sitting at my kitchen table having a little cry about how beautiful these flowers are and what a ridiculously lovely gesture they are. You are a total gem. Thank you so much 💐😘
On the day that C and Theo were returning home, I was running around the house frantically tidying and there was a knock at the door and this fantastic bouquet arrived from my lovely online friend Sophie who lives in WA. The note that accompanied them congratulated me on finishing my degree and I was so overwhelmed I had a little cry, sitting at my kitchen table (a happy cry). Such a ridiculously lovely gesture! And those proteas are just the most fantastic flowers I've ever seen. It was a lovely moment to finish my uni year on.

#babyjagoe is home!
My boys returned home! I got stuck in traffic on the way to the airport and missed the plane landing, so the boys were waiting in the pick-up bay when I arrived. I was walking up the footpath toward them and Theo saw me and we walked to each other with arms outstretched and had the biggest hug in the world.

And now to overwhelm you with photos of my child...

Haters gonna hate #babyjagoe
We've been going to the park around the corner from our house most evenings after dinner to let Theo have a play before bed. We kick around a ball together and run around and often our two boy cats join us in the park which I love (you can see Tintin faintly in the above picture).

Just sitting on the cat food container sucking on an icy pole #babyjagoe
As it has been getting warmer around these parts we've been making a lot of icy poles and devouring them. They're Theo's current favourite thing.

This photo was taken when we went on a drive to Deloraine last week. Theo is looking especially cheeky because he has his eyes on a fountain he's interested in playing in (and that he later tried to jump into).

Sometimes we put Theo in the vintage dresses that I collect. I think he enjoys it.

Theo likes to walk everywhere now. It is so nice to let him walk with us rather than always strapping him into the pram. Today we went on a walk to Bunnings to ogle building and gardening supplies (for renovating my studio and starting a veggie garden). Theo likes to collect rocks to put down his overalls on the walks.

Listening | Serial, Ben Folds Five on vinyl and The Soviet Tape (jazzy Latvian pop rock spliced with Anti-Russian CIA documentary vocals - my favourite thing right now).
Reading | Uppercase magazine and Not That Kind Of Girl by Lena Dunham. I preordered a copy a few months before it was released but my copy didn't arrive for ages. I'm enjoying reading it little by little when I have a chance. She is very relatable and unrelentingly honest, which I appreciate.
Watching | Sherlock.
Making | Lots of different things for my new course, which I'm really enjoying.
Purchasing | A light pad, Ben Folds Five's debut album on vinyl (I saw it in my local record shop and couldn't resist), a whole bunch of goodies from my friend Holly's garage sale, a whole bunch of goodies from my friend Isis' garage sale, vintage baby dresses and a Fujifilm X-M1 (which I'll be reimbursed for by the company I'm doing my new course through, so good!).
Coveting | A new tube of Ruby Woo by Mac lipstick. It's the only lipstick I buy and I wear it everyday, so I use a lot of it!
Looking forward to | Taking Theo swimming over the Summer, doing one last Summer school uni subject in January, working on two zines over the Summer (one cat themed and one supermarket themed), my step sister coming to stay and going to see Ben Folds with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.

How's your month been?