Little Joys

IMG_7594 copy

+ when your garden has such nice flowers in it that you don't feel like you want to steal flowers from other people's gardens
+ a cat that is as committed to having a whole morning sleep-in as you are
+ blackwing pencils
+ people who let you in in traffic
+ old typographic signage
+ dancing toddlers
+ nail polish that stays unchipped for more than a day
+ interesting customers at work that make me feel like having unadulterated access to strangers is the best job ever
+ storage solutions
+ when your lipstick stills looks good at the end of the day
+ winning an award (especially when that award comes with a $500 cheque).
+ good advice
+ parking meters that still have an hour left in them when you arrive (conversely, i got my first parking ticket today, bummer!)
+ toblerone
+ gardening workouts
+ washi tape
+ putting together a care package for a friend who needs some tlc
+ vintage brooches
+ optimism
+ pesto