Weekly Thrift

On Sundays I like to walk down to the Esk Market with Theo while C sleeps in (I sleep in most other days). There is a stall there run by an older woman who collects dolls and she always has lots of vintage baby dresses for $3 each (which I suppose she dressed her dolls in), so I grab them by the bundle for my collection. I really hope I do have a girl baby one day to wear all of these dresses! Sometimes when I bring them home, I put one on Theo and watch him swish around in it - he loves it!

I found this sweet old pink radio at the aforementioned markets a few weeks ago. Unfortunately it had been dropped at some point and has a crack in it and doesn't turn on anymore, so is purely ornamental. I also picked up the cute tiny little metal tins at an opshop recently and thought they'd be perfect for housing tiny succulents.

We took a drive to Deloraine last week and visited our favourite antique store, Sunny's. They had around a hundred of these maps of Tasmanian regions, which I thought were quite beautiful. I picked up four of them. I am resisting the urge to cut them up and use them in collages.

Goodnight Little Spoon
A sweet little pink pinny from the markets.

We always walked past this framed image at the markets and C would joke that it was he and I, so one day I decided to buy it and now it sits above his desk, ha.

I found this little floral travel diary at the markets recently and thought it was so sweet. The information at the beginning made me smile. Deck sports!

Goodnight Little Spoon
Goodnight Little Spoon
Goodnight Little Spoon
Goodnight Little Spoon
FOUR pink dresses!

I don't know what it is about these, but I seem to be starting another collection.

A sweet little vase from the opshop (with roses and gardenias from my garden).

C bought this lovely old map of Tasmania from Sunny's last week too.

Goodnight Little Spoon
Two sweet little floral numbers.

15763586262_c557765ce0_o copy
A hand illustrated guide to indoor gardening. How dreamy!

Goodnight Little Spoon
A sweet little cherry dress.

Goodnight Little Spoon
And finally, one solitary boy's vintage outfit.

What have you been thrifting lately?