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I felt unreasonably anxious today on my walk to the doctor's and back. I wasn't expecting any bad news or doing anything particularly stressful, but I just let tiny, irrelevant, meaningless things overwhelm me. I can't even remember what I was thinking about now. As my coping mechanism on my walk, I bit my nails, lots. I hadn't bitten them in several months before this and it seems so stupid that upon feeling anxious I just stuck my fingers in my mouth! The problem isn't that I bite my nails, it's that I bite my nails until they hurt. Tonight typing hurt, and writing hurt, and picking things up hurt. It's like a bizarre form of self harm or something. Nail biting is a gross, nervous habit for me and posting these pictures here is going to remind me how lovely it is to have nails that aren't all bitten and sore. I will no longer bite my nails, I promise!