^ by F Letter.

Here are some envelopes I made today for a swap - there are 6 envelopes in total, which all fit inside one another and the tiny last one contains a handful of cute stickers. Kind of like pass the parcel, or Babushka dolls.

First you open up Mario Lanza's big face, made from an old record cover;

Then out pops a cat (from a page of a calendar);

And then a strange photograph I found which I can't quite make out, stuck to an envelope;

Followed by;

Inside of which is (a page from a children's book);

And lastly (a comic book page);

The point is that you send as many envelopes as you can make that fit inside one another, and the recipient should be able to then use the envelopes. Obviously some aren't practical for the post, but hopefully can still be used for something. They're all a bit rough and I'll probably fix 'em up before I send them. I thought it was a very cute idea for a swap.

We had our small house rewarming gathering last night which was very pleasant, a lovely assortment of people. I was having this really cool dream this morning about going to America, and then my mum woke us up exclaiming; "Bianca, it's already 10 o'clock!", to which I replied, "...um, so?". Apparently that's ridiculously late to wake up on a Sunday. I was like "Jees! Old people!". She liked that. Of course that's an entirely reasonable time to wake up, but what is stopping me from staying up until 4am every night when I have no responsibilities the following day? That's what I'm trying to figure out...

^ Speaking of dreams. Have YOU ever dreamed of This Man? Apparently "every night throughout the world hundreds of people dream about this face". The website attached to the face seems awfully ridiculous and hoax like to me, but I guess it could be true. C said he was trying to picture the face before he went to sleep last night in order to dream about him, haha.

I am swooning over this letter set at the moment (and all of the other stationery) from We've Got Paper, who is doing a giveaway on her blog currently. In the likely event that I don't win them, I don't think I'll be able to help myself but to purchase them (thanks for the heads up Missive Maven :P);

Tomorrow I must:
  • Call my grandma.
  • Assemble appropriate 'interview outfit' for Wednesday.
  • Go to the doctors.
  • Post mail.
  • Tidy desk.
  • Not sleep until noon.