^ Moustache sisters.

You know you've been on the internet too long when you begin to clean up your very messy desk and go to put something in the bin and in your head you say the word 'delete'.

Today was 'World Post Day' and I received some lovely mail-tag mail from my friend Paige. Here's the envelope it all came in;

She sent me a huge bundle of postcards, some ad cards with interesting designs, some cute cat postcards and other things. Here are some of my favourites;

Speaking of cats... tonight on the way home from Aldi, C and I spotted the most gorgeous little cat who followed us about three blocks home. He was so ridiculously cuddly and purry and smoochy and thus we named him Smooch. It was hard not to want to take him home, but eventually he wearily half-way crossed the road to our block and then headed back to wherever he came from. Later on C and I decided to go back up our street and look for 'Smooch' in order to cat-nap him (evil I know). We decided we could just borrow him for a night, but as soon as walked up to where we had initially found him, it started to pour and we had to hide under a tree in front of someone's yard for five minutes with C covering me with his jumper until the rain eased off. We never found Smooch again in order to cat-nap him. It's probably for the best.

I want all of these amazing tattoo stockings/socks, from here. They're are meant to mimic the colour of your skin and give the illusion of a tattoo.

Today my sister, C and I ventured to the (dreaded) mall to look at transferring my Hiptop phone plan to her name. As it turned out, she has no ID and is under eighteen and so none of that was happening with Telstra, so I ended up giving her the phone and changing the billing address and she'll hopefully keep my name out of any debt! She kind of earns more than I do, so I think she's definitely more likely to pay the thing on time. We did a swap, so I've reverted from a phone with a million uses to one that sends and receives texts and calls and that's all! It's kind of refreshing. That phone was never for me. Now she has my old number and I have a new number and I'm missing that stupid bit of technology, but I know it's with somebody who will put it to better use! I will miss you Hiptop with your blinking blue lights and unlimited texting abilities. Wahh.

Barack Obama's amazingly consistent smile from Eric Spiegelman on Vimeo.