Vibrations In The Air

^ One of my favourite artists and zinesters, Mel Stringer, launched her new website today.

Song of the day: Now, Now - St. Vincent.
Word of the day: Cyclopean - of or suggestive of cyclops; one-eyed.
Quote of the day: "Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do" - Edgar Degas.

I've been reading over old Livejournal posts from when I was 15. They make me laugh and cringe and they all begin with my 'of the day's so I thought I'd try it out for old times' sake.

My friend Doug came to deliver his latest mail-tag letter this evening and then kindly drove C to work. We live less than one minute away from one another so our correspondence is usually hand delivered and not posted. Funnily enough we both grew up in Stroud, both had the same surname through school (Allen) and then both moved to Islington this year. He responds to my mail within about two days of receiving it and it's always filled with his dark humour and fluorescent pens. I also requested "5 redskins" and he sent me a crunchie bar both of which I am now devouring and feeling ill. Here is the awesome envelope he made me;

Here is a Postcrossing postcard I received today from Germany. I think it's gorgeous;

Meanwhile, I'm awing over rubber stamps on Etsy;

+ + + + + + + + +

Yesterday for the first time in a long time I got absolutely no mail! I think I've been taking it all for granted. I have a big pile of addressed postcards ready to be stamped and sent, so I should get them in the mail tomorrow and perhaps then the mail fairies will return.

I read this article today titled; "5 Uses For Chalkboard Paint You Haven't Considered" and it has got me thinking about all of the things I could turn into chalkboards (my mailbox perhaps?) and I'm thinking of testing this how-to recipe for making your own chalkboard paint.

I also discovered the wonderful world of regrETSY today.

Today we got our massively inflated phone/internet bill and C started trying to write one of his politics essays for uni and kept saying "we're doomed..." and going off on emotional political rants and looking like he was going to cry. So he suggested that we forget about all of that and catch a bus across town to see 500 Days Of Summer. Eventually we realised there was only one screening on, there are no buses back to Islington after 11pm, cabs are too expensive, hitching is too risky and walking 8.3km in the cold, windy and potentially rainy weather in the middle of the night didn't sound fun. There are lots of reasons why not having a car is awesome, but sometimes, it could make things slightly easier. Then C's work called and he begrudgingly said yes and then we both felt worse and lay on the couch for half an hour throwing scrunched receipts from my wallet at one of our cats. She seemed to have as much fun as we did. In other news, I will find out if I have diabetes on Monday. Woo. I think I'm just letting my hypochondria fly, but peace of mind doesn't cost much.

Saturday we're having a house re-warming (since our housemate moved out a few months ago) and C is making a big curry and I'm making sweets. It should be fun, just a couple of friends. Tomorrow my sister is coming to visit and it should be real nice then in the evening I shall vacuum and tidy and bake!

My hair is dirty and I'm going to wash it. Bonne nuit!