Our Hero

^ Another uncredited Tumblr find. Uncredited images, video and text on the internet is as annoying to me as bad spelling and grammar! Argh!

I'm glad the time stamp of my blogs sits at the bottom of each post so you don't obviously see that I usually write blogs at 4am. It's daylight savings' fault really...

I've recently introduced C to one of my all time favourite TV shows, a little 2-season Canadian show called 'Our Hero', about a teenage girl called Kale who makes zines (you can tell why I like it already). I actually bought the box set about 4 years ago with some money that my grandma gave me that was officially my 'inheritance' from my dad. It cost eighty dollars to buy and ship over here and when I emailed the official dvd release website to confirm overseas shipping, the person on the other end emailing me was actually one of the show's creators. Of course I was all like 'Omg, you made lyke the best sh0w of all tiiiime' at him. I've never met anybody who has seen this show before, so if you have you should definitely tell me. I tried to find some footage on Youtube, but I guess it was just too underground and too long ago, all I get is Heroes footage, which I'm not so interested in. They do, however, have a very cute website for Our Hero here. I can't help but make fun of the main character's gorgeous Canadian accent, all "oot" instead of out and "hoose" instead of house. Here are some really awful stills I took from the first episode that don't do the show justice at all;

Of course, in the vein of all things ziney, today I went to the annual TINA zine fair, which was held on the second highest covered floor of the David Jones carpark. I decided to discard my initial feelings of anxiety and claustrophobia of being in a very small space with a low roof, hundreds of people, loud music and zines blowing everywhere and have a good time. I got some lovely goodies and helped save a whole table of zines (Bird In The Hand distro's zine desk infact) from being totally annihilated by wind. I was hoping the lady over counter would give me half price off the badge I was buying for my assistance but no luck! Ha. I saw this aaaaaaamazing purse for $22 by the awesome folk at Trashbags at one stall and considered spending my entire 'zine allowance' on it, but I just couldn't. Sadly they don't have any similar on their website. C offered, as he always does, to purchase it for me, but I said no. I also saw these aaaaaaaaamazing little purses made out of cassette tapes with zippers. So retro and shit! They were cute. I'm going to attempt to make one, and probably fail miserably :) I swear next year I'll have a stall (hopefully in conjunction with Paige?).

I acquired;
  • I Am A Camera #11 by Vanessa Berry;

  • A very cute lucky dip full of paper ephemera in an airmail envelope from a zinester I can't recall;

  • A colour zine called Pioneering Mediocrity by Rhys McDonald
  • A free zine by Nanoworks
  • Two copies of this cute lobster postcard by these girls;

  • A pack of amazing print cards for only $5 by Racket, they're all amazing but here are some I randomly selected. I think I might use some as mix cd covers or turn them into postcards;

  • A cute badge made out of a page from a vintage book.
  • The latest lovely edition of Epitaph For My Heart by Amanda;

  • A cute little zine called 'I ♡ Poor Spelling and Bad Grammar" because I really don't and I could afford to learn to build up some tolerance;

  • A tiny zine called 'Four Eyes For Life' by Tiny Paper Hearts which I think is gorgeous. I want to post pages of it, but I think it's probably disrespectful to the creator;

  • These lovely envelopes for a dollar each;

  • And a whole lot of other miscellanea I am too tired to scan.
I got a nice call from my sister tonight, although I had just woken up from a four-hour nap and I now can't really remember anything that was said.

Anyway. C insists on staying up while I stay up and deliriously write blogs, so I should let him rest.