Ghetto Town

Sadly my experience of the TINA festival this year has been limited due to the weather. Tomorrow is the zine fair, which I have been hanging out for for aaaaaaages and have saved a little bit to spend on lovely paper things, so hopefully the rain and wind doesn't wreak havoc there. I will report back on my findings. Since Thursday we've had our friend Ash stay, and another friend, Mel arrived last night. I'd forgotten how lovely it is to have company. Cam went to work last night, so Ash made us a huge, delicious curry and we looked at a whole lot of funny blogs, then he went off to be a dancer for a band (I asked him what his dance was and he did a Molly Ringwald dance impersonation) and DJ and then Mel got in from Sydney and distracted me while I cleaned the kitchen. Even though I haven't done much TINA related having guests has been lovely. Today I went out to find zine related things and wandered around the mall, but wet and windy weather doesn't seem to draw crowds, so the workshop I was going to appeared to be missing. Staple Manor did look quite cool though.

C is totally obsessed with Lamebook at the moment.Very addictive stuff. I submitted a status that a girl in my friends' list (who I went to high school with) wrote a few weeks ago. Her status updates are often pretty interesting and usually describe her attendance at 'B'N'S Balls' (definition here which leaves out all of the gory details) and sexcapades and this one isn't the worst and I don't doubt that it's true (there were some supportive and some negative responses, but too many to fit in);

Here's some mail I've sent recently (I spent $15 on stamps yesterday. Cameron keeps telling me jokingly "you've got a problem" as if I'm an addict or something. We decided there are much worse things I could spend $15 on);

^ After receiving a lovely handmade envelope from Chandlerguera a few weeks ago I've been thinking of all types of paper paraphernalia that could be repurposed into envelopes. This is made from a record cover. Please send my friend Doug lots of hate mail :)

^ A postcard I made for a Swap-bot Doodle Swap.

^ In his recent mail-tag letter my friend Doug requested a drawing of him that he could put as his Myspace display picture. I don't think this looks much like him, but he said whatever it looked like he'd put it as his dp. Ps. He looks kind of like a girl in real life, hence the girlishness.

^ I ♡ Wonder Woman stationery.

^ I hosted my first Swap-bot swap last week which required participants to make postcards out of old record covers, these are all from a record called 'Colours' by "The Resurrection Band". I didn't listen to the record, but I did put it in the oven and turn into a nice wonky book end.

^ I love the rubber border stamps that C bought me.

^Fake & foreign stamp overkill.