Things I Love Thursday


Today I am feeling pessimistic and grumpy, and sometimes you need to force yourself to appreciate stuff and not to take things for granted, so I thought I'd give this another go...

+ Lovely blog comments when I wake up.
+ Receiving lovely mail from strangers (not Postcrossing mail).
+ Overusing the world 'lovely'.
+ Sending mail to strangers, and putting in as much effort as if I were sending something to my best friend.
+ C coming home from Tasmania.
+ David Horvitz;

+ Receiving 18 postcards, two packages, a stationery set and rubber stamps from C while he was in Tasmania.
+ Sooshi, wtf?
+ Smiling at babies in the waiting room at the doctors'.
+ Visiting my friend Alisha in Dungog and the decadent food platter she made us.
+ Optimism about health issues.
+ Enjoying the Spring warmth (but not today as it's 30°+)
+ An aching hand after writing a really long letter.
+ Bat For Lashes;

+ The 50% off stationery closing down sale at the newsagents not far from my house.
+ Carnivale.
+ My very talented friend Ben.
+ Yayoi Kusama. Paige, Michael and I saw her exhibition at the MCA at the start of the year and I haven't stopped thinking about it;

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+ New albums by your favourite band, in the same week they announce they're touring near you.
+ Homemade melting moments, that really melt.
+ Dreams featuring characters from your favourite TV show.
+ Green & Blacks organic butterscotch milk chocolate.
+ Planning a house rewarming.
+ Shit My Dad Says.
+ The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell - Marilyn Manson.
+ Playing with Photobooth with lots of people to make a monster at my parents' house;

+ Going away to my parents for two days and coming back to see my Tumblr's 'tumblarity' has gone from 20 to 940 just because I posted a single picture which people reposted hundreds of times. Furthermore, being in the top 100 Australian Tumblrs for a week.
+ Wonder Woman stationery.
+ Clean sheets.
+ This gif, I just can't stop watching it, so fascinating... How A Sewing Machine Works (via swissmiss)

+ Even though I don't speak German, I really enjoy this blog. Lol @ the German prime minister;