The Index Cards

I'm trying to put together a tiny portfolio of art and design work to enroll in some courses and I tracked down some scans of my high school art major work and thought I'd post some here. I had this thing where I'd take these oversized index cards with me everywhere and I'd draw on them or stick things on them in my spare time, and so eventually I'd made quite a few. Overall I don't know what I was really trying to make it about, so it ended up being almost 50 collaged index cards with no real theme. I think I ended up saying it was about the 'self' or it was autobiographical or something. I really enjoyed making them and I didn't do too badly which was nice. I haven't really done any collage since (almost exactly a year ago). I'm trying to track down where the actual body of work ended up. I think it's in the shed of a friend of mines' parents' house! So, above are some of my favourite cards.