Rainbow Cake

^ I ♡ these photos from this colour set.

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Today C laughed at me for being excited by really boring things. We walked to Mayfield to do some light shopping and purchasing new coat hangers, deodorant, computer wipes and blu-tack amongst other things, made me really happy. Just really basic necessary stuff. I guess I'm easily amused/satisfied.

When we got home C made curried eggs, which were SO good and then he got whisked off to work. It's been so lovely having him back. My mum said to me a few months ago that if we're "still like this" in a year, there's something wrong with us. It's just nice :)

This weekend Newcastle's THIS IS NOT ART Festival returns and I hope to wander around this year and do and find things. Sometimes with events like these, I'm glad they exist and I think they're interesting, but I kind of never have anything to do with them. At the very least I'll definitely be making an appearance at the zine fair. We'll be having people staying with us during the festival which should be nice and will probably encourage me to get out to the festival.

I ♡ this 'new (media) workout plan' (via swissmiss). What a wonderful way to encourage exercise;

I ♡ the photographs of Hana Davies/water&sleep;

I ♡ these driftwood horses by Heather Jansch (via Sweet Sweet Life);

I ♡ these diaries by Archie Grand. I'd like one, or two, or three...;

I ♡ these Peter Ibruegger mugs (via swissmiss);

I ♡ this rainbow cake by Whisk Kid (via Incredible Things) - and she makes it sounds so easy!;

I'm going to have a nap! :)