How to spend a day

^ I found this on Tumblr today and thought it was sweet.

I woke up this morning to a knock on the door from the parcel post deliverer who was holding a large, stamp covered yellow envelope (which is too large for me to even scan!) from the lovely Melinda from GirlZootZilla. I love the quotes on the back of the envelope. It contained a beautiful sunflower card and a letter in a kind of '20 questions' format on twenty pieces of paper. I am very excited about responding to it. Melinda blogged the envelope here I believe. I scanned a few of the questions, but my scanner is having a bad week and they were barely readable. They included things like; Would you want to have hair that you could change to any colour ever day? Cake, cookie, ice cream or bacon & toast? If you were to make a tourist brochure for your life, what would you include, exclude, photograph? What was for breakfast? If you could be a crayon, what colour would you choose to be and why? I thought it was a great idea and definitely worth getting up early for :)

^ from girlzoot's flickr.

Today I made C help me put curtains up in all of the rooms so it's all mysterious and dark and substantially cooler, it's 34 degrees today! We said that if C finishes his uni essay by the end of the day we might go for a walk around the beach. Only 500 words to go! ...I spoke too soon and he got called into work straight after I wrote this! Boo.

Last night my friend Manneh made an impromptu visit and we ate delicious pasta watched Orgazmo, both of which were very enjoyable, and the day before my (recently engaged) friends Andrew and Natalie stopped by for a few hours. I like that we often receive compliments from people about our little house. I think we definitely make the most of the space; it's always full of colours and things to look at and light and nice scents and breezes.

I'm sure this is old mail news to most people, but I just stumbled upon the mail art of Riitta Ikonen; From 2004 to 2006 Riitta Ikonen mailed around 100 postcards to Margaret Huber from Japan, Spain, Finland, Russia, and England. “Hair, fish, a sachet of white powder, a piece of broken record etc. were sent to test the postal system. Only three cards never reached their destination.” Here are some of my favouites;

And how about the mail art of John Fellows? (via Booooooom);

Lots of envelope making inspiration.