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I'm eating pfeffernusse, drinking rooibos, listening to The Vaselines and wishing desperately that I had a cursive typewriter, or any typewriter for that matter. I'm going to dedicate tomorrow entirely to zine making and learning how to make my own pfeffernusse.

Here's another envelope I sent out recently. It was hard to part with. Made from an old record cover, isn't she beatiful?;

I bought some metallic silver envelopes for about $2 at a bargain shop a year or two and I think they're lovely, of course the scans don't do them justice. I got a paper miscellanea lucky dip at the zine fair a few weeks ago and it contained half a dozen beautiful green photographs of things I can't quite make out. I stuck one on here;

And a Postcrossing postcard I received today from Italy that I find particularly dreamy;

I've been using some of the beautiful recycled paper envelopes and writing paper C bought for me from the Oxfam shop in Launceston lately. It's so lovely and soft to write on and pen won't smudge, and it's all in a beautiful bound cover. I'll have to make a scan of it soon.